Question: How Does The Multiple Spindle Screw Machine Differ From The Single Spindle Machine?

What are the advantages of automatic lathes?

Advantages of a sliding headstock automatic latheAccurate – Sliding headstock automatic lathes are known for their extreme accuracy and precision.

Production – Sliding headstock automatic lathes can produce complete parts without much interference from a human operator.More items….

Which of the following holds the drill spindle?

6. Which of the following holds the drill spindle? Explanation: Drilling head holds the drill spindle. There is a motor which is mounted on the spindle head rotates this spindle.

Which machine tool is known as the mother machine tool?

latheKnown as the mother of all machine tools, the lathe was the first machine tool that lead to the invention of other machine tools. It is used to perform turning operations in which unwanted material is removed from a workpiece rotated against a cutting tool.

How does a Swiss lathe work?

A Swiss-type lathe is a variety of turning machine that feeds the stock through a guide bushing. … The machine feeds the work out of the spindle and past the tool as it goes. This makes the CNC Swiss-type particularly effective for long and slender turned parts.

What is the difference between shaft and spindle?

Become. A shaft is a rotating member that is used to transfer power. … Now spindle is a rotating member that transfers power but does not support any driven member/normal load. So we can say that every spindle is a shaft but not every shaft is a spindle.

Which of the following is the part of multi spindle drill machine?

Multi Spindle Drill Head Design A multiple drill head consists of the following parts: gears, an adjustable transmission system, ball bearings, top plates, a drill chuck, bottom plates, a drill tool, a shank, a key and a shaft.

What is deep hole drilling machine?

A deep hole drilling machine is a metal-cutting machine tool, designed to produce very deep, precision holes into virtually any metal. … Dedicated deep hole drilling machines provide the tooling support, coolant delivery, and process feedback that allow manufacturers to achieve their deep hole drilling goals.

What is a CNC screw machine?

CNC Swiss screw machines, also called CNC turning machines or lathes, operate primarily on the same principle as an automatic Swiss screw machine, except the operation is controlled by a CNC (computer numerical control) unit.

What is difference between capstan and turret lathe?

Capstan lathe : Lightweight machine. These are usually horizontal lathe. Turret head is mounted on a slide called ram which is mounted on the saddle. Suitable for bar work.

Which type of job motion is there in drilling operation?

2. Which type of job motion is there in drilling operation? Explanation: Motion of job is fixed in drilling operation. The drilling machine is one of the most important machine tool in workshop after lathe.

What is a multi spindle screw machine?

Multi-spindle screw machines are turning machines that use a number of tools mounted on a central spindle to simultaneously operate on material pieces. A precision-machined drum carries multiple spindles while typically rotating horizontally.

How are multiple spindle drilling machines applied?

A Multi spindle drilling machine has a number of drill spindles driven by a single motor. All the spindles holding the drills are fed in to the work piece at the same time. For this purpose, either the drill heads can be lowered onto the work piece or the work table is raised.

What is a Swiss screw machine?

A Swiss screw machine is an automatic lathe that allows for production of high precision parts in high volume. … Swissturn is able to produce your fine parts with more accuracy and less downtime, allowing you to keep production on-track.

What are screw machine products?

Screw machine products are those products produced by said screw machine. Read More… Screw Machine Products The term “screw machine” broadly refers to those machines that produce a high volume of turned parts via either CNC technology or cams. Screw machine products are those products produced by said screw machine.

Which one of the following machine tools is semi automatic?

Semi automatic lathe Turret and Capstan lathes are known as semi-automatic lathes.

What is a spindle machine?

In machine tools, a spindle is a rotating axis of the machine, which often has a shaft at its heart. … A machine tool may have several spindles, such as the headstock and tailstock spindles on a bench lathe. The main spindle is usually the biggest one.

What is single spindle automatic lathe?

A single spindle automatic lathe is a modified form of turret lathe. These machines have an addition to a 6-station turret, a maximum of 4 cross slides. These cross slides are operated by disc cams.

What is the purpose of headstock spindle?

Head Stock The main function of headstock is to transmit power to the diferent parts of a lathe. It comprises of the headstock casting to accommodate all the parts within it including gear train arrangement. The main spindle is adjusted in it, which possesses live centre to which the work can be attached.

What is spindle used for?

A spindle is a rotating shaft with a fixture for holding a tool (in the case of a milling, grinding, or drilling spindle) or a workpiece (in the case of a turning spindle). The spindle shaft serves as a support, a positioner, and a rotary drive for the tool or workpiece.