Quick Answer: How Many Subjects Are There In BA?

Is BA good for CSS?

Basically, Eligibility criteria for CSS is 16 years of education.

BA is a 2 year degree, so you needs another 2 years of education, Perhaps 2 years Masters.

If you do BS in any field then you can directly go for CSS Exam since BS is a 4 year degree..

Which degree gives highest salary?

Best college degrees for earning a high salaryRankDegree majorEarly career pay1Petroleum engineering$96,7002Systems engineering$66,400=3Actuarial science$60,800=3Chemical engineering$69,80074 more rows

Can I Do Ba after 12 science?

Yes, you can join in B.A. course even if you are from Science stream. Because candidates who have completed their 12th standard from any stream are eligible to join in B.A. course. To get admission, you should personally visit the college in which you want to join and you should enquire about the admission process.

What is the easy subject in degree?

There’s english, economics, political science, sociology, history, psychology, hindi, geography, general and few others.

What is BA pass course?

The B.A Pass programme is a mixture of various subjects where the students do not specialise in any of the subjects. … Also, B.A Pass is considered to be much easier compared to B.A (Hons) programme as the students do not have to extensively study different papers related to the subject of specialisation.

What are the subjects in BA?

The major BA subjects under the conduit of the BA curriculum include:English.French.Psychology.Sociology.Philosophy.History.Religious Studies.Journalism and Mass Communication.More items…•Oct 19, 2020

What is the syllabus of BA 1st year?

BA Syllabus:Sl.NoBA Political Science Syllabus1Language – MIL/ English Environmental Science2Understanding Political Theory3Constitutional Government and Democracy in India4Generic Elective-I22 more rows•Sep 5, 2020

What can I do after BA?

Career Options after BAStudy Further in your Subject (MA) … Become a Manager (MBA) … Specialize in Business Analytics. … Become a Data Scientist (Diploma in Data Science) … Learn Digital Marketing (PG Certification) … Enter the Insurance Industry (Certification) … Become a Lawyer (LLB)

Is BA English tough?

It is not exactly hard, but you should be an avid reader to do well in the course. Since, I am currently pursuing B.A. Hons. English from University of Delhi, I can assure you that it is a very exciting subject if you really like to read all genre of books and have a proficiency in written english.

How many subjects are there in simple ba?

4 subjectsThere are 4 subjects, two are compulsory and two are elective. 1. Syllabus of B.A can be downloaded from the Download Section.

What are the 5 compulsory subjects in BA?

A. Well, the list is quite long. However, some of the major subjects that are taught in BA are – English, History, Psychology, Philosophy, Social work, Economics, Sociology and more.

Can I change subject in BA 1st year?

Yes, you can change your subjects in BA first year and you take that subjects which were not there in your 12th Class. But, you should have that much percentage that will be required to qualify that course’s cutoff. This is the only condition for changing the subjects in BA first year.

Which degree is best in BA?

Best Universities in India to Study Arts (B.A. & M…..List of UG Arts Courses in India.Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in EducationBachelors of Arts (B.A.) in EnglishBachelors of Arts (B.A.) in TamilBachelors of Arts (B.A.) in SociologyBachelors of Arts (B.A.) in Social StudiesBachelors of Arts (B.A.) in Rural Development22 more rows•Sep 25, 2020

Is BA good for IAS?

Answer. Yes friend, BA course is very useful for the preparation of IAS. IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. after 2 years, you will be a graduate with bachelors in arts, you can apply for entrance exams, conducted by UPSC(Union Public Service Commission).

Which subject is best for BA?

In your graduation, you could take up any of the above subjects like history, geography, political science, public administration, philosophy, etc. Economics is also recommended for those who are interested in it.

Which is easy subject in BA?

In BA, usually the language subjects are easy to score. The exam pattern is not so difficult. You have to just concentrate on the main topics and you will be able to score good marks.

Is BA a good degree?

A Bachelor of Arts degree is all about theoretical knowledge on certain subjects and it is the ideal option for students who plan to later follow a Master’s or PhD degree in the same field – especially if they are interested in pursuing a career in education or research.

Which subject is best for IAS?

After considering the latest UPSC syllabus and recent IAS results, the top 10 optional subjects in UPSC can be listed as follows:Medical Science.Literature.Anthropology.Public Administration.Psychology.Law.Geography.History.More items…

Which BA Honours is best?

Below mentioned are the few BA (Hons.)…Top 11 Bachelors of Arts Specializations and Their Career Scope.CollegeCourseFee Per YearMiranda HouseBachelors of ArtsRs 14,660BA (Hon) BA (Hon) History BA (Hon) Philosophy BA (Hon) Economy BA(Hon) Political Science BA (Hon)Sociology BA(Hon) Hindi BA (Hon) EnglishRs 12,1603 more rows•Mar 27, 2018

What is the duration of BA course?

3 YearsB.A History Course HighlightsLevel of ProgrammeUndergraduateDuration of Programme3 YearsEligibility10+2 qualified students from a recognised Board with 50% aggregate at leastAdmission ProcessEntrance Test basedExamination TypeSemester Exams3 more rows•Nov 25, 2020

Is BA easier than BSc?

BA will be easier for someone who loves to read a lot, loves history / literature, but finds science, technology and mathematical problem solving a bit troublesome. BSc will be easier for someone who is strong in logical reasoning or math, loves science, technology etc.