Quick Answer: What Are The 10 Types Of Computers?

What are the classification of computer by size?

On the basis of size there are four types of computer.

They are minicomputer, micro computer, mainframe computer and super computer.

Super computer is the fastest, most expensive, big in size, and most powerful computer that can perform multiple tasks within no second..

What are the 5 classification of computer?

Classification of ComputersSr.No.Type2Workstation3Mini-Computer4Main Frame5Super-Computer1 more row•Jan 2, 2019

What are the three main types of computer?

On the basis of data handling capabilities, the computer is of three types:Analogue Computer.Digital Computer.Hybrid Computer.

What is computer write down its characteristics?

A computer is an electronic machine that can solve different problems , process data , store & retrieve data and perform calculations faster than efficiently than Humans “. CHARACTERISTIC OF COMPUTER. 1) Speed. 2) Accuracy. 3) Diligence.

What are the types computer?

Types of ComputerMainframe Computer. It is high capacity and costly computer. … Super Computer. This category of computer is the fastest and also very expensive. … Workstation Computer. The computer of this category is a high-end and expensive one. … Personal Computer (PC) … Apple Macintosh (Mac) … Laptop computer (notebook) … Tablet and Smartphone.

What are the 9 types of personal computer?

TypesWorkstation.Desktop computer.Laptop.Tablet.Smartphone.Ultra-mobile PC.Pocket PC.Palmtop and handheld computers.

What are the different types of computers and their functions?

Different types of computers and their functionsSupercomputers. energy. energy Verified. … Mainframe computers. Mainframe computers are cheaper than supercomputers and have a lower processing power as well. … Minicomputers. Minicomputers are far smaller than mainframe computers and supercomputers. … Microcomputers. Instagram.Mar 18, 2019

What are the 4 classifications of computer?

There are four types in the classifications of the computer by size are Supercomputer, Mainframe computer, Minicomputer, and Micro Computer.

How many types of computer viruses are there?

99 Common Types of Computer Viruses.

What computer that is also known as personal computer?

A microcomputer is a complete computer on a small scale, designed for use by one person at a time. An antiquated term, a microcomputer is now primarily called a personal computer (PC), or a device based on a single-chip microprocessor. Common microcomputers include laptops and desktops.

What is computer and explain its characteristics?

A computer is a fast electronic device, processing the Input data. according to the Instructions given by the Programmer/User and provides the desired information as an output. The word ‘Computer’ is basically derived form the word ‘computer’, which means to calculate some thing.

What are the 7 types of computers?

Classes by purposeMicrocomputers (personal computers)Minicomputers (mid-range computers)Mainframe computers.Supercomputers.Servers.Workstations.Information appliances.Embedded computers.More items…

What classification of computer is a cell phone?

A mobile device is a general term for any type of handheld computer. These devices are designed to be extremely portable, and they can often fit in your hand. Some mobile devices—like tablets, e-readers, and smartphones—are powerful enough to do many of the same things you can do with a desktop or laptop computer.

What are the different types of computer answer?

Computer – TypesS.No.Type1PC (Personal Computer)2Workstation3Mini Computer4Main Frame1 more row