Quick Answer: What Is A DDLG Relationship?

What is MDLG?

The definition of Mdlg is mommy dom little girl, mdlb is mommy dom little boy, ddlg is daddy dom little girl, ddlb daddy dom little boy, and there are also non binary and transgender little’s.

The definition of Mommy Dom or a.

Daddy Dom is a dominant who happens to love taking care of a submissive in a younger mindset..

What causes a person to regress?

Regression in adults can arise at any age; it entails retreating to an earlier developmental stage (emotionally, socially, or behaviorally). Insecurity, fear, and anger can cause an adult to regress.

How do you fall into little space?

The easiest way to get in to littlespace is to spend time doing things that make you feel little. This is different for everyone, but it might be wearing little clothes, being around your favourite toys, listening to little music, having your caregiver care for you, or spending time colouring or drawing.

What does IG mean in text?

Without fanfareWhat Does IG Mean In Text? Without fanfare, ‘IG’ is the internet slang word that could be decrypted as “I guess” or “Instagram.” Both variants are widely used. The conversationalist determines the IG abbreviation meaning from the situation.

What does little space mean sexually?

Littlespace is a mindset in which an adult relaxes into a state of carefree, responsibility-free safety while expressing their atypical inner-self (personality) that differs from their biological peers. … The caregiver may or may not also be romantically involved with the adult little.

How do I introduce my boyfriend to DDLG?

Say what kind of little you are, express if you find it casual or serious. Take it in strides. Say you wanted to express it to him to be open, because you care about him deeply, and that you hope it doesn’t effect his view on you. Lather, rinse, repeat.

How do you stop regressing?

Do the following exercises:Notice how youre breathing and take long, deep, slow breaths, from the diaphragm.Notice where your feet are: on the ground. … Stop and ask yourself how you feel. … Ask yourself how old you feel. … Try to mentally picture your young self and talk to him/her.More items…•Nov 4, 2015

What does CNC stand for sexually?

Consensual Non-ConsentConsensual Non-Consent (CNC)- a dynamic between two (or more) consenting adults where one of them does unpleasant or harmful seeming things to the other, who looks as if they’re not enjoying it, or not consenting.

What does LG stand for in text?

Little GirlSummary of Key Points. “Little Girl” is the most common definition for LG on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. LG. Definition: Little Girl.

Is being a little a real thing?

Keep in mind that being a little is a personality trait (not an act or a group of actions/inactions) and like all personalities they may vary some from person to person. Some of the core traits are listed below but not all are mandatory criteria to being officially a little.

Is little space an actual thing?

Littlespace is the mindset or headspace in which an adult baby or little feels most carefree, accepted, and mentally youthful.

What does LG mean sexually?

daddy dom/little girlDDLG, or DD/LG, is an acronym for daddy dom/little girl, a sexual relationship where the dominant male is the daddy figure and a woman plays the role of a young girl.

What is a little age?

The general consensus is that your little state, little age, or regression age is how you feel inside yourself, even if you don’t physically or outwardly display being different than other typical adults. Only you know how you truly feel inside of yourself.

What is the difference between a little and a middle?

A little is someone aged between 2-8 and a middle is someone who is aged between 9-15.

Is DDLG problematic?

Recently, there’s been a “kink” that has become more widely known as DDLG. This abomination, which stands for “Daddy Dom Little Girl” is essentially pedophilia-lite and is super uncomfortable, abusive, and wildly problematic.

What is a little age regression?

Age regression occurs when someone reverts to a younger state of mind. This retreat may be only a few years younger than the person’s physical age. It could also be much younger, into early childhood or even infancy. People who practice age regression may begin showing juvenile behaviors like thumb-sucking or whining.

What does it mean when someone says they are a little?

But typically speaking a little is someone who sometimes feels they are in the mindset of a much younger them. They like things like coloring, animated movies, stuffed animals, some like to talk all cute/baby-like, some like pacifiers, some like to wear onesies. There is no cookie cutter little or daddy.

Is age regression and little space the same?

Basically age regressors are more at-peace and worry-free whilst in “little space” (A term for when one is in said mindset).

How can I be a good little for my dad?

50 Things You Can Do For Your Daddywake him up with your mouth.sing with him in the car.give him lots of kisses.let him choose where to take you.tell him he is important.suck on his fingers.sit at his feet and cuddle him.bite him as much as you like (if he likes that n///n)More items…

How do you explain little space to someone?

Little spaceLittle space is the place your little goes when they go into their mind space. Littles have a certain mind space that is younger than their physical age. … You will have a certain role as their caregiver. Littles need someone to take care of them and will depend on you. … Littles, you are who you are.

What does being in little space feel like?

I can say things like littlespace feels so safe and comforting and its the best way to escape from stress. But its such a strong and powerful feeling though and I don’t know how you can explain that to someone unless they’ve experienced it.