Quick Answer: What Is The Most Popular Use For Home Computers?

What are the uses of computers at home?

Basic Applications of ComputerHome.

Computers are used at homes for several purposes like online bill payment, watching movies or shows at home, home tutoring, social media access, playing games, internet access, etc.

Medical Field.






Business.More items….

What computer will last the longest?

Which Laptops Last The Longest?HP Spectre x360.Dell XPS 13.Apple Macbook Pro 13.Lenovo ThinkPad T480.Aug 12, 2020

What is the best alternative to Windows 10?

Top 20 Alternatives & Competitors to Windows 10Ubuntu. (878)4.5 out of 5.Android. (538)4.6 out of 5.Apple iOS. (505)4.5 out of 5.Red Hat Enterprise Linux. (265)4.5 out of 5.CentOS. (238)4.5 out of 5.Apple OS X El Capitan. (161)4.4 out of 5.macOS Sierra. (110)4.5 out of 5.Fedora. (108)4.4 out of 5.More items…

What is the 10 uses of computer?

You can understand and analyze the importance of computers by seeing a revolution in offline and online business, online education, online business, online communication, and internet banking. To store, access, manipulate, calculate, analyze data, and information we use hardware devices and software applications.

#1) MS-Windows Best For Apps, Browsing, Personal Use, Gaming, etc. Windows is the most popular and familiar operating system on this list. From Windows 95, all the way to the Windows 10, it has been the go-to operating software that is fueling the computing systems worldwide.

What is the best selling computer of all time?

Commodore 641: Commodore 64 The Commodore 64 is the single most popular computer system ever sold.

Is HP or Lenovo better?

Lenovo is the better choice of the two brands if you’re looking for the best value for money option, and they dominate the market for work and business laptops. However, HP laptops typically have better quality components, but they cost more than the Lenovo equivalent.

Apple computers use macOS (formerly known as OS X). Macs can also run Windows using specialized software. The company offers several consumer lines: MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air laptops; iMac all-in-one desktops; and the Mac mini, a small, budget desktop. The Mac Pro desktop is its professional line.

What is the best home computer for 2020?

Apple 21.5-inch iMac Computer.Dell Inspiron 27 All-in-One.HP Envy Curved All-in-One Desktop Computer.Microsoft Surface Studio.HP ProDesk G5.Apple Mac Mini.Dell XPS Tower.HP Omen Obelisk Desktop.Mar 27, 2020

What are the worst computer brands?

Acer (and their acquired company Gateway) scored the worst….Here’s the breakdown, scored out of 100 from best to worst:Apple: 86.Lenovo: 63.Asus: 62.Dell: 60.Toshiba: 59.HP: 58.Acer/Gateway: 51.Sony: No Score Available.Nov 19, 2013

Is Dell or HP better?

Generally, Dell computers are some of the best available and are considered to be better than HP. Though HP have some great laptops, across their whole range there are many that can’t compete with other brands. Whereas Dell have a pretty great range of laptops across the board.

What is the name of old computer?

ENIACENIAC. When the ENIAC was announced in 1946 the press immediately started calling it a “Giant Brain”. ENIAC was the world’s first general-purpose electronic, digital computer and is probably the most famous of the ones included in this article.

What are the three public services that you can do on the Internet from home?

Some services that can be done from internet to promote public sector services are:Promotion of Tourism. … Improving the health of the citizens. … To strengthening Infrastructure for the economy : Here you can encourage the services given to the people from the government and explain the policies in a better way.Jan 15, 2020

What are computers mostly used for?

A computer is an electronic device that manipulates information, or data. It has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data. You may already know that you can use a computer to type documents, send email, play games, and browse the Web.

What are the 5 uses of computer?

Uses of computersPlaying computer games.Writing.Solving math problems.Watching videos.Listening to music and audio.Audio, Video and photo editing.Creating sound or video.Communicating with other people.More items…

Who are the top 5 computer companies?

List of Top 10 Best Computer Companies in the world1) Apple Inc. … 2) Hewlett-Packard (HP) … 3) Dell Inc. … 4) IBM. … 5) Lenovo. … 6) Samsung Electronics Co. … 7) Fujitsu. … 8) Toshiba.More items…

What is a good computer to buy?

Here are the best desktop computers you can buy:Best desktop computer overall: Dell XPS Desktop 8940.Best gaming desktop computer: Alienware Aurora R11.Best Apple desktop computer: Apple iMac.Best compact desktop computer: Apple Mac Mini M1.Best desktop computer under $500: Acer Aspire TC.Mar 15, 2021

What things will computers be used for in the future?

Computers, Future ofWearable Computers. Is a wearable computer in your future? … DNA-Based Computers. Can small molecules such as DNA be used as the basis for new computing devices? … Virtual Reality Devices. Virtual reality (VR) immerses its user in a simulated world of possibilities and actions. … Quantum Computers. … Optical Computers.