Quick Answer: What Lawd Means?

What does a low key girl mean?

If someone describes someone as “low key” it means they are “cool”, “laid back”, calm, reserved, maybe even quiet.

Example: “I love how cool and collected my girl is… “Low key” has an often positive connotation.

Example: “I love how cool and collected my girl is.

She’s always been pretty low key.”.

What does LW mean in weight?

Lowest WeightLTGW: Long Term Goal Weight. LW: Lowest Weight.

What does LW stand for in math?

VOLUMEVOLUME OF A BOX, CUBE, OR CYLINDER V l w = h where l = the length w = the width, and h = the height of the figure 13 6 8 V = 6. Page 1.

What does LW mean in school?

Lesson CodesCodeDescriptionLiLiteracyLsLife SkillsLwLawMaMaths70 more rows

Is lass a boy or girl?

noun. a girl or young woman, especially one who is unmarried. a female sweetheart: a young lad and his lass.

What is Las full form?

LASAcronymDefinitionLASLocal Area Service (telephony)LASLibrary Automation Service (various locations)LASLife Administration Services (various locations)LASLas Vegas, NV, USA – McCarran International Airport (Airport Code)77 more rows

What does LaaS stand for?

Logging as a serviceFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Logging as a service (LaaS) is an IT architectural model for centrally ingesting and collecting any type of log files coming from any given source or location; such as servers, applications, devices etc.

What does BAE mean in text?

“Bae,” Urban Dictionary says, is an acronym that stands for “before anyone else,” or a shortened version of baby or babe, another word for sweetie, and, mostly unrelated, poop in Danish. In addition, “bae” has appeared in rap songs and countless web memes since the mid-2000’s.

What does a LW mean?

Lucky WinLW means “Lucky Win”.

What does Las mean in slang?

Technology, IT etc (18) LAS — Land Air Sea. LAS — Lost At Sea. LAS — Left Analog Stick. LAS — Lost and Searching.

What does low key mean slang?

Low-key. “Low-key” is used as an adjective to describe something you’re doing on the down-low, understatedly or secretly. You might confess to low-key loving Justin Bieber’s new song or low-key using Tinder.

What does lowkey kinda mean?

Some people say they use lowkey to mean kinda or to verbally mark something that should be kept private, while they might use highkey to suggest that they’re trying to be relaxed about something and failing.

What does MF mean in school?

Master FileOrganizations, Education Schools etc. ( 10) Technology, IT etc (38) MF — Master File.