What Is A Antonym For Taper?

What is a taper used for?

A taper is a cone or spike shaped piece of jewelry that is used to stretch a piercing up a size.

The shape of the taper allows the piercing to stretch smoothly as the taper is pushed through the ear.

Certain tapers can also be worn as jewelry.

Tapers are very helpful in stretching up the sizes between 14 and 0 gauge..

What is a taper in construction?

Tapers are also called finishers, because they prepare the drywall for covering by plaster, paint, and wallpaper. Tapers apply paper or fiberglass mesh tape to cover drywall seams. … The wall coverings applied to the finished drywall are installed by painters, plasterers, and paperhangers.

What is a tapered fit?

Unlike boot cut jeans, which widen towards the bottom, tapered jeans become skinnier as they reach the ankle. They are usually fairly form-fitting and considered a type of skinny jeans; however, companies also make tapered jeans that are simply roomier at the top and narrower towards the ankle.

What is the synonym of precipitous?

Some common synonyms of precipitous are abrupt, sheer, and steep. While all these words mean “having an incline approaching the perpendicular,” precipitous applies to an incline approaching the vertical.

Is a taper and a fade the same thing?

A taper is when hair gradually changes from one length to another. A fade is a shorter taper that blends or fades into the skin—hence the name. Want your hair cut close?

What is the meaning of taper?

1 : to make or become gradually smaller toward one end The leaves taper to a point. 2 : to grow gradually less and less The rain tapered off.

What taper off means?

Diminish or lessen gradually, end by degrees, as in The storm finally tapered off. [

How do you use the word taper in a sentence?

Taper in a Sentence 🔉The more I sketched my drawing, the more my pencil began to taper. … The woman asked the artist to gradually taper her tattoo down her back. … Because the uneven walls would taper, the room would be difficult to wallpaper. … Her hair color tapered from brown to red.More items…

What does conviction mean?

1 : a strong belief or opinion political convictions. 2 : the state of mind of a person who is sure that what he or she believes or says is true She spoke with conviction. 3 : the act of proving or finding guilty : the state of being proven guilty He appealed his conviction.

How do you specify a taper?

HelpClick Annotate tab Symbol panel Taper and Slope. Find.Press ENTER.In the drawing area, select the object that the symbol must attach to. … In the drawing area, click to specify the vertices of the leader and press ENTER. … In the Dimension box, specify the slope/taper rate. … Click OK.Sep 24, 2014

How do you spell taper?

Correct spelling for the English word “taper” is [tˈe͡ɪpə], [tˈe‍ɪpə], [t_ˈeɪ_p_ə] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….55 words made out of letters TAPERera,pet,art,per,arp,eat,pea,epa,More items…

What is the opposite of taper?

What is the opposite of taper?increaseaccumulatesnowballsoarswellwaxextendpick upraisestrengthen97 more rows

What is another word for taper?

In this page you can discover 49 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for taper, like: narrow, abate, Also used with off: abate, lessen, reduce, grow less, acuminate, thin-out, thin down, whittle down and taper-off.