What Is Another Word For Terrible?

What’s a fancy word for terrible?

1 terrible, awful, appalling, frightful; hideous, grim, ghastly, shocking, revolting, repulsive, horrid, horrendous, horrifying, repellent..

What is a word worse than terrible?

Words worse than ‘terrible’ : Atrocious. Dreadful. Abominable. Horrendous.

What is the synonym and antonym of terrible?

ˈtɛrəbəl) Exceptionally bad or displeasing. Synonyms. bad awful abominable painful unspeakable atrocious dreadful. Antonyms. good unimpressive irreverent noble unafraid.

What is the verb of horrible?

horripilate. (transitive) To bristle in fear or horror; to have goose bumps or goose pimples. [ from 1620s]

What does repulsive mean?

1 : serving or able to repulse repulsive force. 2 : tending to repel or reject : cold, forbidding. 3 : arousing aversion or disgust repulsive crimes.

What is the meaning of awful?

adjective. extremely bad; unpleasant; ugly: awful paintings; an awful job. inspiring fear; dreadful; terrible: an awful noise.

What’s the opposite of terrible?

What is the opposite of terrible?wonderfulastonishingamazingextraordinaryincredibleexceptionalspectacularwondrousadmirablemagnificent61 more rows

What’s a better word than disgusting?

distasteful, vile, horrific, scandalous, objectionable, vulgar, loathsome, creepy, odious, outrageous, nasty, abominable, hateful, awful, gruesome, shocking, obnoxious, repugnant, shameless, stinking.

How do you express disgusting?

“Eew!” or “eww!”, or “ew!”, is a common expression of disgust. (AmE) “Er”, is known more as an expression of uncertainty, or even, apology or regret. So, “Er, it’s all wet,” would have a much different meaning to a reader in the US.

What is the word disgusting mean?

: causing a strong feeling of dislike or disinclination : causing disgust the food was disgusting a disgusting magazine a disgusting way to treat people.