What Is The Important Point The Paper Makes?

What is that Ranji finds difficult to explain at home?

What is it that Ranji finds difficult to explain at home.

Answer: At home, Ranji found it difficult to explain the cuts and bruises that showed on his face, legs and arms.

It was difficult to hide the fact that he had been involved in a fight..

Why didn’t the boy pay the school fees on the day he brought money to school?

Answer: The boy did not pay the school fees on the day he brought money to school because his teacher, Master Ghulam Mohammed who collected the fees was on leave that particular day and so the fees would be collected the next day.

What is the important point the paper makes class 8?

The paper makes the important point that Duttada’s comet would collide with the earth. Sir John opposes the publication of James’ paper because his prediction would cause widespread panic in the world. The two men finally agree to organise a secret conference of international experts to plan how to avert the calamity.

Who would resemble the great stone face?

(b) He was told that Gathergold resembled Great Stone Face. Answer: (b) He was told that Gathergold resembled Great Stone Face. Question 4.

Why is the giant called selfish?

Why is the Giant called selfish? Answer: The Giant is called selfish because he prohibited the children from playing in his garden.

What is the story attributed to the stone face?

The story that was attributed to the Stone Face was that at some future day, a child would be born near there, and he would be destined to become the greatest and noblest person of his time. His face, in manhood, would bear an exact resemblance to the Great Stone Face.

Who was Mr Gathergold?

Answer : Mr Gathergold was a sharp businessman, who had gone away from the valley on business. He was a very wealthy man and when he came back to the valley he had become old. His face had wrinkled and had a yellowish skin. To Ernest, his face appeared shrewd and unpleasant.

What was Duttada’s anxiety?

With the launching of the spacecraft, a lot of doubts arose in Duttada’s mind. He began worrying about their collision with each other at the right place and the accurate time. He felt anxious and doubted if the remote control detonation would work or if the huge nuclear spacecraft would fire.

Is Comet Dutta real?

Yes, comet Dutta is for real. It was discovered by Manoj Dutta and was named after his name. Comet Dutta comes near the Earth on December 15. It was about to collide the Earth on the same day.

What is a comet Class 8?

Comets are celestial objects which revolve around the Sun in elliptical orbits with a very large period of revolution. A comet appears as a bright head with a long tail, whose direction is always opposite to that of the sun. The tail’s length always grows in size as it approaches the Sun.

What was Duttada’s secret ambition?

(i) Duttada’s secret ambition was to discover a new comet one day. … He sat every night with his small telescope and gazed at the stars, believing thathe would discover a comet one day.

Who was John Macpherson Class 8?

Answer : Sir John Macpherson was the Defence Science Advisor in her Majesty’s Government.

Did the soldier actually resemble the great stone face?

Did the soldier actually resemble the Great Stone Face? Answer: According to the people of valley, soldier resembles with the Great Stone Face. But when Ernest saw soldiers and Great stone face together he could not recognise it.